Triathlon Training Anzio - Rome

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Anzio is a coastal town one hour south of Rome City Centre. Today it is famous for its port and many fish restaurants however it is also famous for an Allied forces landing (Operation Shingle) and ensuing battle (known as the Battle of Anzio) during World War II. Anzio is home to the Beachhead British Military Cemetery and a Beachhead Museum, and the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial is in nearby Nettuno. There is also a WWF park with sulphur springs and a medieval tower, Tor Caldara about 8 km north of Anzio and along the coast there are a large number of beaches and sea resorts.

Anzio-MarinaAnzio offers many opportunities for swimming, cycling and running. Running sessions can take place along the beach front or in the local forest, swim training can take place in most areas along the beaches or at the local 50m pool and cycle training can take you north through the hills of Rome or south through beach areas such as Sabaudia and Circeo.

South of Anzio, approximately 42km, is Circeo National Park. The park covers about 8500 hectares and has varied features, from forest to coastal dunes, a promontory, wetlands and islands. The park is home to many animal species, more significantly birds, especially migratory species, but also to the peregrine eagle and sea eagles. This is a great place for flat road running, cycle time trials and speed training but also for intense hill training at Mount Circeo.


Off the coast of Anzio is the beautiful island of Ponza famed for its Blue Grottos. This is an ideal place for cycle speed and hill training and thanks to the uncontaminated sea, it is also a haven for sea swimming and various other water sports.




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Develop your swim by refining technique through constructive analysis, training and racing guidelines, and a combination of indoor and open water instruction.

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Bike Like a Pro

Build speed, strength and endurance and ride the routes of many pro-cycling teams with open flat roads and challenging hills.

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Run Strong

Learn the building blocks of an elite runners form through a balanced programme with integrated strength and drill training.

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